The Healing Church

The Healing Church is a pro-Cannabis Catholic community based in Rhode Island. I made this video — twelve minutes of cops and Antifa, conservatives and conspiracy theorists — when they came to Pittsburgh to host something called the Make America Great Again march and rally. It was recorded on DVD and then captured again in 640x480 for a video art installation, and the video effects were created on an analog video synth emulator called Cathodemer.

A Videocassette Program for Post-Nihilist America (installation)

This is a sixteen-minute program that I prepared for PUBLIC, an art show in the old steel town of Braddock, PA on November 18, 2017. All the videos were shot by me, with the theme of spirituality in the post-Christian era. The program was looped for six hours on videocassette and displayed on a 13-inch television. Coincidentally (synchronistically?), one of the videos featured an interview that I did with a survivor of Jonestown, and the event took place on the 39th anniversary of the tragedy.