The Ochelli Effect: novel effect worth reading

I had an excellent conversation with Chuck Ochelli for his podcast last night. Here's the show's description from Chuck's webpage:

In a departure from the typical Tuesday on the Ochelli Effect, Chuck interviews author Joseph Flatley. In a world where the paradigm of journalistic things has shifted Mr. Flatley has created a composite novel covering many angles without condescending to the readers. It is rare that Chuck endorses a work of fiction but when fiction speaks to the reality of the unreal better than the alleged news outlets, what choice does he have. Chuck explores the process of character creation with Joseph and tries to get a handle on what is drawn from real life versus what the author imagined. The work is conspiracy-minded and contains a sophisticated confluence of realism that resides in a narrative that escapes becoming overburdened with trivial details that many modern novels fail to evade. Most authors in this genre suffer from their overindulgence in descriptive constructs. Mr. Flatley allows the reader to shape the landscape, events, and players in his story with an appropriate definition.

The show is available to download directly from the Ochelli Effect website. It's also available from iTunes and your favorite podcatcher.