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Satan goes to the Mind Control Convention

Coming soon! An investigation into the world of repressed memories, Satanic cults, and the conspiracy theorists who profit off them.

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Sirhan: Or, the Hallucinatory Vanguard

Available now from Amazon and wherever fine books are sold.

"A page-turner ... few have captured the movement scene this well since The Invisible Man."
— Mike Roselle, co-founder of Earth First! and author of Tree Spiker.

Sturgis Sturdevant is a professional troll. He works for a fake news website, he can’t seem to find a decent therapist or meet a nice girl, and it looks like he’s inadvertently joined a cult. If that wasn’t bad enough, Stu might also be a hypnotically programmed assassin.

Sirhan: or, The Hallucinatory Vanguard is two-parts neo-noir and one-part satire. The reader will encounter media startup yuppies, conspiracy theorists, ravers, and political extremists of all types in a book that doesn’t comment on conspiracy culture as much as wallow in it.